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Hoard Quotes

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Man hoards himself when he has nothing to give away.

Tags: Away, Give, Himself  ✍ Author: Edward Dahlberg

I'm going through an evolution. I'm completely cleaning out my closet. I'm purging, because I saw that show 'Hoarders.' I had a sweatshirt from sixth grade, and I'm going, 'Why do I hold on to this?'

Tags: Hold, Show, Why  ✍ Author: Rio Ferdinand

Many men hoard for the future husbands of their wives.

Tags: Future, Husbands, Men  ✍ Author: Jean Gabin

We are not cisterns made for hoarding, we are channels made for sharing.

Tags: Channels, Hoarding, Sharing  ✍ Author: Billy Graham

Experiences are like hoarded gold. Whenever I dole out a piece of my private suffering, that is when I get letters from all over the world.

Tags: Gold, Private, Suffering  ✍ Author: Robert Iler

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Hoard quote #2
Hoard quote #2
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Hoard quote #2
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