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Hume Cronyn's Quotes

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Born: 1911-07-18
Profession: Actor
Nation: English
Biography of Hume Cronyn

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The whole business of marshaling one's energies becomes more and more important as one grows older.

Tags: Age, Business, Whole

To try and stand outside the marriage, I'd say we have complementary capabilities. I do the hustling and the business. I do more script reading. I handle contracts.

Tags: Business, Marriage, Try

I don't mind playing absolute bastards... I just don't want to play the grouch.

Tags: Bastards, Mind, Playing

I find it very difficult just to sit. I would love to learn how to do that with contentment.

Tags: Difficult, Learn, Love

I'm a taskmaster. I was brought up that way, and I'm sure I imposed that on my kids.

Tags: Brought, Kids, Sure

Look, you do the bloody well best you can. You fumble. You make mistakes.

Tags: Best, Bloody, Mistakes

I do a lot of planning and plotting. That's my greatest weakness. If I'm not terribly careful, I'll plan to a point where it could come out cut and dried.

Tags: Greatest, Plan, Point

I fill my life with a lot of 'busyness' in between jobs. Then I work very hard. Some of it is quite unhealthy. It's compulsive. I don't know what to do about it. I'm a little old to change.

Tags: Change, Life, Work

I try to read everything that's sent me - play scripts, movie scripts - but I've had to make a rule. If the author hasn't grabbed me by Page 25, the piece goes back with a note of apology.

Tags: Movie, Read, Try

I've had a bad time, which we won't dwell on. We were married and we worked together for 52 years, and suddenly with her gone I was a quadriplegic. Slowly I'm crawling back.

Tags: Bad, Time, Together
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Hume Cronyn's quote #5
Hume Cronyn's quote #5
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