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Bloody Quotes

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Those who in quarrels interpose, must often wipe a bloody nose.

Tags: Nose, Often  ✍ Author: John Gay

I'd rather eat a cow-pat on a bun than a bloody McDonalds.

Tags: Eat, Rather  ✍ Author: Alex Kapranos

I wasn't absolutely too sure where the Falklands was, and I didn't want to make a bloody fool of myself.

Tags: Fool, Sure  ✍ Author: Denis Thatcher

Bloody hell, Ma'am, what's he doing in here?

Tags: Hell, Here  ✍ Author: Elizabeth Andrews

You have to hold your bloody own or you're lost.

Tags: Hold, Lost  ✍ Author: Christine Baranski

There's nothing undignified about lying about all day and being waited on by servants, sipping bloody champagne.

Tags: Champagne, Lying  ✍ Author: Jeffrey Bernard

An isolationist America is no bloody use to anyone.

Tags: America, Anyone  ✍ Author: Billy Bragg

If I didn't have fake nails, my fingers would be bloody stumps.

Tags: Fake, Fingers  ✍ Author: Nikki Cox

Look, you do the bloody well best you can. You fumble. You make mistakes.

Tags: Best, Mistakes  ✍ Author: Hume Cronyn

I'm bloody awful at multi-tasking.

Tags: Awful  ✍ Author: Brian Eno

I suggest that instead of criticising us, the establishment has a bloody good look at itself.

Tags: Good, Suggest  ✍ Author: Trisha Goddard

Nobody is the same. If we were all the same it would be bloody boring.

Tags: Boring, Nobody  ✍ Author: Peter Hook

When you are in my classroom, you get everything from me. But you bloody well better give everything too.

Tags: Classroom, Give  ✍ Author: Tony Judt

To make the bloody thing talk the way I do when I'm on a verbal roll, in my idioms and rhythms.

Tags: Idioms, Talk  ✍ Author: E. V. Lucas

I just feel tired now if people are shocked. If it's not for you, just don't bloody watch it.

Tags: Tired, Watch  ✍ Author: Chris Morris

I dished out and suffered my fair share of bloody noses.

Tags: Fair, Share  ✍ Author: Peter Storey

Part of me wanted something bloody and really fun.

Tags: Fun, Wanted  ✍ Author: Nicole Sullivan

The world of this is a load of crap. You get all these bloody people, so incredibly sycophantic.

Tags: Crap, Load  ✍ Author: Charlie Watts

Well, that's what it was bloody well designed to do, wasn't it?

Tags: Designed  ✍ Author: Frank Whittle

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