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Of course we are coming to invest in Germany - that is certain. Most airplanes in the fleet of Qatar Airways are from Airbus.

Tags: Coming, Germany  ✍ Author: Ernst Thalmann

We must be willing to courageously invest in our city.

Tags: City, Willing  ✍ Author: Alan Autry

You have to invest in yourself and your surroundings.

Tags: Yourself  ✍ Author: Swizz Beatz

There were two qualities about the mutual funds of the 1920s that made them extremely speculative. One was that they were heavily leveraged. Two, mutual funds were allowed to invest in other mutual funds.

Tags: Mutual, Qualities  ✍ Author: Victor Cherbuliez

What you invest your time in defines who you are.

Tags: Defines, Time  ✍ Author: Todd Duncan

We need to encourage investors to invest in high-technology startups.

Tags: Encourage, Investors  ✍ Author: James Dyson

Invest in a feather duster - the possibilities are endless.

Tags: Endless, Feather  ✍ Author: Anne Rice

Never invest in anything that eats or needs painting.

Tags: Needs, Painting  ✍ Author: Billy Rose

I would not invest in any shoe that is too trendy.

Tags: Shoe, Trendy  ✍ Author: Rachel Roy

It's upsetting to me that you have to be a millionaire to invest in your friend's start-up.

Tags: Friend, Upsetting  ✍ Author: Fred Wilson

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