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Qualities Quotes

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Printed books usually outlive bookstores and the publishers who brought them out. They sit around, demanding nothing, for decades. That's one of their nicest qualities - their brute persistence.

Tags: Books, Sit  ✍ Author: Nicholson Baker

Happy the man when he has not the defects of his qualities.

Tags: Defects, Happy  ✍ Author: Isaac D\'Israeli

Selfishness is one of the qualities apt to inspire love.

Tags: Inspire, Love  ✍ Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne

One sees qualities at a distance and defects at close range.

Tags: Close, Distance  ✍ Author: Victor Hugo

Almost every man wastes part of his life attempting to display qualities which he does not possess.

Tags: Almost, Life  ✍ Author: Samuel Johnson

Precision is not one of the qualities that comes out in my work.

Tags: Precision, Work  ✍ Author: Gil Kane

Physical qualities don't really matter much.

Tags: Matter, Physical  ✍ Author: Frank Langella

A great man is made up of qualities that meet or make great occasions.

Tags: Great, Meet  ✍ Author: James Russell Lowell

We never love a person, but only qualities.

Tags: Love  ✍ Author: Blaise Pascal

To be a preacher requires two apparently contradictory qualities: confidence and humility.

Tags: Confidence, Humility  ✍ Author: Paula Radcliffe

The faults of the burglar are the qualities of the financier.

Tags: Burglar, Faults  ✍ Author: George Bernard Shaw

Nothing endures but personal qualities.

Tags: Brainy, Personal  ✍ Author: Walt Whitman

You can be revered for all sorts of qualities, but to be truly charismatic is rare. Elizabeth Taylor was, for me, one of those rarities.

Tags: Rare, Truly  ✍ Author: Francesca Annis

I don't much enjoy Back and Forth. I mean, I think it has its own particular qualities, but I think it's inferior to any of the half-hour ones we did.

Tags: Enjoy, Mean  ✍ Author: Rowan Atkinson

Two fundamental literary qualities: supernaturalism and irony.

Tags: Irony, Literary  ✍ Author: Charles Baudelaire

There were two qualities about the mutual funds of the 1920s that made them extremely speculative. One was that they were heavily leveraged. Two, mutual funds were allowed to invest in other mutual funds.

Tags: Invest, Mutual  ✍ Author: Victor Cherbuliez

The qualities I am looking for in Miss Right are intelligence and humour.

Tags: Looking, Miss  ✍ Author: Brendan Coyle

It is better to believe that a man does possess good qualities than to assert that he does not.

Tags: Good, Possess  ✍ Author: Joe Davis

These code authorities could regulate production, quantities, qualities, prices, distribution methods, etc., under the supervision of the NRA. This was fascism.

Tags: Fascism, Production  ✍ Author: Errol Flynn

We want to promote the great qualities of athletics - and maintain its integrity - all over the world.

Tags: Great, Integrity  ✍ Author: Alberto Juantorena

Many individuals have, like uncut diamonds, shining qualities beneath a rough exterior.

Tags: Diamonds, Rough  ✍ Author: Victoria Justice

I am certain that most Germans have instinctive liking for Italy, just as Italians admire Germans for their many qualities.

Tags: Admire, Liking  ✍ Author: Mario Monti
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I am Jose Mourinho and I don't change. I arrive with all my qualities and my defects.

Tags: Change, Defects  ✍ Author: Jose Mourinho

I have a lot of chameleon qualities, I get very absorbed in my surroundings.

Tags: Chameleon  ✍ Author: River Phoenix
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