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Jim Lampley's Quotes

Jim Lampley profile photo

Born: 1949-04-08
Profession: Celebrity
Nation: American
Biography of Jim Lampley

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I'm actually the daytime host of the Olympics on NBC.

Tags: Actually, Host, Olympics

I mean, you know, I get a tremendous positive charge every day just from knowing these kids and who they are. I mean, Larry, my 12-year-old son is my hero in life. Could there be a greater privilege than that? I mean, I can't imagine anything that would be more exciting.

Tags: Life, Mean, Positive

If he's chasing the full restoration of his legacy, he's chasing something that he really can't get.

Tags: Chasing, Full, Legacy

She divorced me August 10 of 2000, but she never was able to completely get rid of me. Don't ask me why.

Tags: Able, She, Why

I mean, I spent 30 years in the world of physical perfection, right? I've known most of the world's most perfect physical specimens over the course of the last 30 years.

Tags: Last, Mean, Perfect

I met Roy's father once... And I think that Roy's relationship with his father is still at the heart of what Roy does. But at the end of the day, he's trying to prove himself to a father he'll never really please.

Tags: End, Father, Heart

I think there was a sense that the impact was being lost because the audience was so familiar with the form. You combine that with people's attention spans, which are clearly conditioned to be shorter now, and there's a need to vary the paradigm.

Tags: Attention, Lost, Sense

I wear my wedding ring. We talk about when we're going to get married again, which we hope is going to take place some time in this incredibly hectic calendar year.

Tags: Hope, Time, Wedding

I've never seen a truly great fighter get knocked onto the ropes unconscious... knocked out cold before... and I saw Roy Jones get knocked out twice in a row.

Tags: Cold, Fighter, Great

We're both accustomed to being the center of attention. We're both accustomed to being spoiled by the people around us. And we don't expect to have to compete with somebody for all of that.

Tags: Attention, Both, Expect

You know, we - we start with a mentality that we'll take a sports project if its good. And we're certainly not on the lookout for them, because to be honest we don't have to. They walk in the door.

Tags: Good, Honest, Sports
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