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Jim Rash's Quotes

Jim Rash profile photo

Born: 1970-07-15
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Jim Rash

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Some people will ruin a movie for you if they enthuse too much.

Tags: Movie, Ruin

Technology has changed, and we need to figure out how to improve the archaic way of what makes a hit, or how to determine how many viewers are watching beyond some people with Nielsen boxes in a small percentage of homes in random areas.

Tags: Makes, Small, Technology

As I get older I find myself thinking it all begins with Shakespeare.

Tags: Begins, Older, Thinking

'Cool-Hand Luke' is one of my favorite movies.

Tags: Favorite, Luke, Movies

Faulkner came from my region and taught me how you could write about a place.

Tags: Place, Taught, Write

I learnt how to hunt rattlesnakes with an eagle for 'Serena.'

Tags: Eagle, Hunt, Learnt

I wouldn't mind being a track and field coach.

Tags: Coach, Mind, Track

One of my goals is to allow readers to see my characters and the world they inhabit as vividly as possible.

Tags: Characters, Goals, Possible

Furthermore, even if ideas were gettable - say, stacked in a secluded cave like the Dead Sea scrolls - I wouldn't go there. An 'idea,' especially one adhered to from start to finish, can be disastrous for a compelling piece of fiction.

Tags: Dead, Idea, Start

I live in Cullowhee, North Carolina. That's where I teach, at Western Carolina University. That region is where my family has lived for a long time and that region is my landscape.

Tags: Family, Teach, Time

I love learning about different dialects and I own all sorts of regional and time-period slang dictionaries. I often browse through relevant ones while writing a story. I also read a lot of diaries and oral histories.

Tags: Learning, Love, Writing

I think I had a particular moment when I was 15 years old. I read 'Crime and Punishment,' and that book just, I think, more than any other book made me want to be a writer, 'cause it was the first time that I hadn't just entered a book, but a book had entered me.

Tags: Book, Old, Time

I think that's what I love about writing, is the ability to try to, in a sense, take a vacation from yourself and try to enter the sensibility of another time, another character, another place.

Tags: Love, Time, Yourself

I think writing a poem is like being a greyhound. Writing a novel is like being a mule. You go up one long row, then down another, and try not to look up too often to see how far you still have to go.

Tags: Another, Try, Writing

I usually do at least a dozen drafts and progressively make more-conscious decisions. Because I've always believed stories are closer to poems than novels, I spend a lot of time on the story's larger rhythms, such as sentence and paragraph length, placement of flashbacks and dialogue.

Tags: Decisions, Story, Time

On the last drafts, I focus on the words themselves, including the rub of vowels and consonants, stressed and unstressed syllables. Yet even at this stage I'm often surprised. A different ending or a new character shows up and I'm back to where I began, letting the story happen, just trying to stay out of the way.

Tags: Character, Focus, Words

Short fiction is the medium I love the most, because it requires that I bring everything I've learned about poetry - the concision, the ability to say something as vividly as possible - but also the ability to create a narrative that, though lacking a novel's length, satisfies the reader.

Tags: Learned, Love, Poetry

Sometimes I know what my characters are moving away from or toward; more often I just wait and see. For instance, though I knew Sinkler in 'The Trusty' was going for water, I did not know that he would meet a fetching young farm wife until I got him into her front yard.

Tags: Him, Moving, Wife

What I've become convinced makes a writer are the days you hate it, the days you'd rather stick those pencils in your eyes. Sometimes I almost punish myself - if I'm not going be able to write, I'm not going be able to do anything else. I just sit there and wait.

Tags: Eyes, Hate, Sometimes

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