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Jimmy Nail's Quotes

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Born: 1954-03-16
Profession: Actor
Nation: English
Biography of Jimmy Nail

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I was racing through life, utterly confused and angry. I don't know if I was out of control; it was more like I felt frustrated with myself and everything I saw happening around me.

Tags: Angry, Control, Life

I haven't got the kind of discipline where I can turn my emotion inside out and then just switch off. It affects me fairly profoundly and I don't like putting myself through that kind of mincer every day.

Tags: Discipline, Off, Turn

Even now I can't stand being recognized in the street. I just hate it when strangers come up and try to talk to me. I'm pathologically shy.

Tags: Hate, Talk, Try

I find it very hard to play a part, then take it off like a cheap suit and become Mr Normal - Mr. Nice Guy.

Tags: Become, Hard, Nice

I've gradually grown more comfortable with who I am and what I am.

Tags: Gradually, Grown

I've had a blessed career, and that has been acknowledged in many ways over the years.

Tags: Blessed, Career, Ways

If you think before you speak the other guy gets his joke in first.

Tags: Guy, Joke, Speak

The older I've got, the easier I've found it to accept myself. I think I've finally learnt not to beat myself up so much.

Tags: Accept, Found, Older

The whole fame and fortune thing is addictive.

Tags: Fame, Fortune, Whole

I couldn't make sense of things. But then I began the process of civilising myself and trying to become a decent human being. I'm still working on it.

Tags: Human, Trying, Working

I went from being totally unknown to getting stopped every time I went out. I always wanted to be successful, but I have never wanted to become a celebrity. I never, ever, craved that.

Tags: Become, Successful, Time
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Jimmy Nail's quote #5
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