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Job Training Quotes

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We cannot neglect the unemployed, underemployed and dislocated workers of America who need ample and widespread funding for federal job training services.

Tags: America, Cannot, Job  ✍ Author: Joe Baca

In 1989, I started the National Association of Business Women. We incorporated microfinance and different job training for women. We did a survey, with USAID, that found women lacked training, credit and information.

Tags: Business, Job, Women  ✍ Author: George Bancroft

There's no experience like on-the-job training.

Tags: Experience, Training  ✍ Author: Hank Azaria

All unemployment compensation should be tied to a job training requirement. Now the fact is, 99 weeks is an associate degree.

Tags: Fact, Job, Training  ✍ Author: Newt Gingrich

We need to work together, on a bipartisan basis, to create new jobs, increase job training, enact real and substantive middle class tax relief, and reward companies that create jobs at home.

Tags: Home, Job, Work  ✍ Author: Ruben Hinojosa

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Job Training quote #2
Job Training quote #2
Job Training quote #2
Job Training quote #2
Job Training quote #2

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