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Jodie Foster Quotes

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I like Jodie Foster and then Meryl Streep. They're just, like, the greatest ever.

Tags: Foster, Greatest, Meryl  ✍ Author: Elle Fanning

I hate the stereotype of the pitfalls of the child actor. There are so many amazing examples - Natalie Portman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jodie Foster, Drew Barrymore - of people who have made it through.

Tags: Amazing, Child, Hate  ✍ Author: Jamie Bell

I admire Jodie Foster. Her head is screwed on really well. It's not loose at all.

Tags: Head, Her, Screwed  ✍ Author: Thora Birch

Even Helen Keller, who was born blind and deaf, could see God. No doubt, in her silent darkness, every fragrant flower, every ray of the warm sun, every taste that touched her tongue told her that there was a God who created all things. Jodie Foster shouldn't therefore be surprised that people are surprised that she's an atheist.

Tags: Doubt, God, Sun  ✍ Author: Ray Comfort

I remember watching Jodie Foster in Contact, and that kind of opened my eyes.

Tags: Eyes, Remember, Watching  ✍ Author: Joel Gretsch

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Jodie Foster quote #2
Jodie Foster quote #2
Jodie Foster quote #2
Jodie Foster quote #2

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