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Joel Siegel's Quotes

Joel Siegel profile photo

Born: 1943-07-07
Profession: Critic
Nation: American
Biography of Joel Siegel

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If you fight back and get hit, it hurts a little while; if you don't fight back it hurts forever.

Tags: Fight, Hurts, While

Follow your passion.

Tags: Follow, Passion

I do my best not to have any expectations when I go into a movie because it's not fair.

Tags: Best, Fair, Movie

I liked television, and television liked me.

Tags: Liked, Television

I started crying 20 seconds into the movie and didn't stop till it was over.

Tags: Movie, Started, Stop

Real movie producers aren't this nice.

Tags: Movie, Nice, Real

Samuel L. Jackson is one of the best actors there is.

Tags: Best, Jackson, Samuel

Television news was expanding to an hour, and producers did not know how to fill the space and time.

Tags: Space, Television, Time

The studio should not have released this film.

Tags: Film, Released, Studio

There are scenes here and effects here that would make George S. Patton wince.

Tags: Effects, Here, Scenes

They are words you don't easily forget: I don't have good news.

Tags: Forget, Good, Words

What I learned from this movie, 40 Days and 40 Nights: Absitenence can be a very good thing. Especially from box offices where this film is playing.

Tags: Days, Good, Learned

When all the performances are excellent, critics understand it's the direction.

Tags: Direction, Excellent, Understand

You can't believe Russell Crowe is the same actor who won an Oscar one year ago for Gladiator.

Tags: Actor, Won, Year

I have no idea why one of our most original filmmakers would want to spend two years of his life translating someone else's movie from Spanish into English. And it wasn't such a good film in Spanish, either.

Tags: Good, Life, Someone

Maybe by his second year in Hogwarts, Harry Potter will learn the trick to making a movie this good, but don't bet on it. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is one of the best films of the year.

Tags: Best, Good, Learn

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