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John Byng's Quotes

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Born: 1970-01-01
Profession: Soldier
Nation: British
Biography of John Byng

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The enemy now began to appear from the mast-head.

Tags: Appear, Began, Enemy

The next morning we saw nothing of the enemy, though we were still lying to.

Tags: Enemy, Morning, Next

By this time it was past six, and the enemy's van and ours were at too great a distance to engage, I perceived some of their ships stretching to the northward; and I imagined they were going to form a new line.

Tags: Enemy, Great, Time

Falling little wind, it was five before I could form my line, or distinguish any of the enemy's motions; and could not judge at all of their force, more than by numbers, which were seventeen, and thirteen appeared large.

Tags: Enemy, Judge, Wind

I do not send their Lordships the particulars of our losses and damages by this, as it would take me much time; and I am willing none should be lost in letting them know an event of such consequence.

Tags: Lost, Time, Willing
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John Byng's quote #2
John Byng's quote #2
John Byng's quote #2
John Byng's quote #2
John Byng's quote #2
John Byng's quote #2
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