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Johnny Thunders's Quotes

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Born: 1952-07-15
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Johnny Thunders

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The only technical things I know are treble, volume and reverb, that's all.

Tags: Technical, Volume

Many people love me, many people hate me - there's nobody in between. That's the way I prefer it.

Tags: Between, Hate, Love

The Dolls were an attitude. If nothing else they were a great attitude.

Tags: Attitude, Else, Great

I don't eat cereal actually... Frosted Flakes... that's as close as I can get.

Tags: Actually, Close, Eat

No one really knows me. People think they know me.

Tags: Knows

I wouldn't change a thing - except my bank balance.

Tags: Balance, Change, Except

A lot of people don't think they can count on me, but I've never missed a gig in my life.

Tags: Count, Life, Missed

I take smack because I enjoy it. I enjoy all it makes me feel. I don't do it to be in with the in crowd. I can rock out with it.

Tags: Enjoy, Makes, Rock

We get picked up in these Rolls Royces and get three miles down the highway and five cop cars pull us over.

Tags: Cars, Five, Three

A lot of people want to die for a lot of reasons.

Tags: Die, Reasons

Me and Jerry left because we felt we weren't getting anywhere playing our old songs in tiny clubs. The group was getting stale and staying behind the times.

Tags: Getting, Group, Old

I met Sable when she was 15 and I was 18. I sent her home to New York while we carried on the tour. When we got back the police were looking for her at the airport and everywhere!

Tags: Her, Home, She

I was in Sweden for 10 days. They put me on the front page of the daily papers eight days in a row. I did nothing to warrant any of the attention. It was ridiculous.

Tags: Attention, Daily, Put
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