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Josephine de La Baume's Quotes

Josephine de La Baume profile photo

Born: 1984-10-08
Profession: Actress
Nation: French
Biography of Josephine de La Baume

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I don't really consider myself a model, to be honest. I respect designers; I think it's another art, you know.

Tags: Another, Art, Respect

I like to look like a tomboy during the day and then a pin-up girl at night.

Tags: Girl, Night, Tomboy

I think the French have a romantic cliche that Englishmen have great style, great music, irony and sense of humour. Well, sometimes cliches are true.

Tags: Great, Music, Romantic

I was a big fan of Ron Howard of course, so it was fantastic to meet him.

Tags: Big, Him, Meet

I'm not super-conservative, but a bit of tradition is nice.

Tags: Bit, Nice, Tradition

I'm not the typical dress size - being a model just isn't how I think of myself.

Tags: Dress, Model, Size

I'm short and curvy, but I think people want to work with me for reasons other than what I look like.

Tags: Reasons, Short, Work

Jeanne Moreau, Lauren Bacall, they had this unconventional beauty, this amazing charisma.

Tags: Amazing, Beauty, Charisma

When you see an Alexander McQueen fashion show, you are taken on a journey. It's surreal.

Tags: Fashion, Journey, Show

You can really only enjoy life when you're extremely busy.

Tags: Busy, Enjoy, Life

Acting and making music are quite complementary. Acting relies on someone else's writing and direction; writing music or lyrics doesn't. But they are both creative and personal in completely different ways.

Tags: Music, Someone, Writing

I don't have a collection, but I have a thing with jackets. I really like jackets. Whether it's an '80s motorbike jacket, or a Victorian jacket. I could wear the same jeans every day for months, but the jacket would be the thing that would change a lot.

Tags: Change, Months, Whether

I grew up with classical music blasting in my parents' living room and my older brother's practicing saxophone in his room listening to jazz... a beautiful chaos.

Tags: Beautiful, Music, Parents

I personally have no shame in saying I am extremely interested in fashion. I am not as interested in trends. I won't go on unless I'm looking for stuff to wear to an event, or there's a designer I am interested in.

Tags: Fashion, Looking, Saying

I think London, New York, Paris, Milan, any big city has its own fashion. I don't know why they make such a big thing of Paris. I think maybe it comes from French New Wave films portraying the French girl as very feminine.

Tags: Fashion, Girl, Why

I'm a master of heels. I'm used to them. I'm tiny, so I wear them all the time. Apart from to the beach. That would be slightly psycho. I'm over the top, but not that much yet.

Tags: Psycho, Time, Used

I'm quite compulsive about exercise. For two months, I'll exercise every day, then for three months I'll do nothing. I love food, so exercise is important for me.

Tags: Food, Love, Three

My brother has a tendency to get quite lyrical when he writes music; he gets so romantic, it's borderline. I make it slightly more aggressive. I make the round corner a bit sharper.

Tags: Brother, Music, Romantic

My little brother and I took piano lessons at a young age and played music together later on in life just to play around at home until we decided to make a record. Eventually we started having more and more songs.

Tags: Age, Life, Music

Remember that when you're young and your career feels like the most important thing, the most important thing is love and the relationships you have with people - boyfriend, friends and family. It's good to remember that.

Tags: Family, Good, Love

When you're a French woman and you have a lot of Latin blood, you can be very dramatic. It definitely makes your personal life exciting - and exhausting.

Tags: Life, Personal, Woman

Your heart weeps a little bit when you have to say goodbye to a crew you spend two months with, but when it comes to the part, when you live so close to someone for two months, it kind of fades away and then you see her again on screen later on.

Tags: Away, Heart, Someone
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