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Kay Panabaker's Quotes

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Born: 1990-05-02
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Kay Panabaker

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If you're going to think mean things about me or not be a true friend, then we don't need to be friends.

Tags: Friend, Mean, True

It's rough being a teenager in this day and age.

Tags: Age, Rough, Teenager

I can't age on the inside, and I'm totally okay with that. I have no need to grow up and see myself as mature.

Tags: Age, Grow, Inside

I just feel like I haven't grown up yet. I live on my own and I do grown-up things, but there is something about me that is very youthful.

Tags: Grown, Youthful

I spend so much time with my parents. My mom and I were joined at the hip for five years. There was not one moment when I wasn't with her.

Tags: Mom, Parents, Time

I'm on my own now. I have my own apartment.

Tags: Apartment

Some people do need to grow up, but I don't think I'm there yet. I don't think I'm ready to do grown-up things and be a grown-up.

Tags: Grow, Ready

I have a really hard time watching my sister act in anything but especially anything where it's a strong emotion. Whether she's crying or she's angry or she's - whatever emotion she's feeling I actually think that she's feeling it and I want to hug her and make it all better.

Tags: Angry, Strong, Time

I went to go see 'Final Destination' which you have to be 17 and over to see and they're like 'Uh, we need to see your I.D.' Here's the really funny thing is that I actually had done my hair and makeup that day. If I don't do my hair and makeup I can understand it but I had actually made an effort to look older.

Tags: Done, Funny, Understand

I've actually always wanted to be able to read people's minds. My sister did a movie with super-powers and that's the one I would have wanted, so I really lucked out. The negative is that people are really cruel in their own minds, but you can weed out the bad people from the good people, and then just hang out with the good people.

Tags: Bad, Good, Negative

My whole thing is I want to have a backup plan because maybe I won't get another acting job after 'Fame', maybe I'll want to give up on acting in five years or whatever and I want to have something else that I enjoy just as much as I enjoy acting.

Tags: Enjoy, Give, Job

My whole thing is that often times when teenagers are about 18, 19, 20, 21, they get this mentality that they have to be old, they have to appear older, they can no longer be seen as a high schooler, they need to be seen as mid-20s all of a sudden even though they're only, like, 20. I'm the opposite of that.

Tags: Often, Old, Whole

You can't be crazy and wild when you're on work time. But, I like it, in that sense I think it makes you a better person for having matured at a younger age.

Tags: Age, Time, Work
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