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Kristy Swanson's Quotes

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Born: 1969-12-19
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Kristy Swanson

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I love every aspect of show business and that includes both the show part of it and the business part of it.

Tags: Business, Love, Show

I would rather take the role and work and make my own money and self respect than to have sex with someone who has a lot of money.

Tags: Money, Respect, Work

I've always been this strong-willed person and I've always been in love with acting.

Tags: Acting, Love

I won't date a guy who doesn't own a toolbox. I'm not saying you need to be able to knock down a wall or build a house or anything like that. But I've been out with a couple of guys who didn't own toolboxes, and they couldn't even change a light bulb.

Tags: Change, Light, Saying
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Kristy Swanson's quote #2
Kristy Swanson's quote #2
Kristy Swanson's quote #2
Kristy Swanson's quote #2
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