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L.A. Reid's Quotes

L.A. Reid profile photo

Born: 1956-06-07
Profession: Producer
Nation: American
Biography of L.A. Reid

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I am a record executive and I shall be right there in your face with my records.

Tags: Face, Records, Shall

I live for opening doors for the young generation of creators. If we do nothing else with our success, let's open up some doors.

Tags: Else, Success, Young

I think of myself as a producer who tries to bring the best out of everyone, whether that be an artist, songwriter or a publicist.

Tags: Artist, Best, Everyone

I was a James Brown junkie as a kid.

Tags: Brown, Junkie, Kid

I'm one of those foolish people who believe the glory days of the record industry aren't behind us. They're actually ahead of us.

Tags: Actually, Behind, Days

Popular music has always been rooted in the blues, whether it's Adele or Led Zeppelin or Sam Cooke. It's just the beat that changes.

Tags: Changes, Music, Whether

World events can shape culture. Music is either a soundtrack for or a narration of changing times. And who knows how that's going to go?

Tags: Culture, Music, Times

You always have to know when to bow out. You bow out while you are on top.

Tags: Bow, Top, While

I'm not a good Samaritan, I'm a businessman... The goal is to read and react. If we sign an artist that has potential for a shelf life way out in the distance, then we'll stay. But if not, then we won't.

Tags: Goal, Good, Life

I'm personally looking for artists that are along the lines of today's pop stars. Whether it be a Rihanna or a Justin Bieber or a Kanye West or a Beyonce or a Lady Gaga, I'm looking for talent that's like that, that's what I love.

Tags: Love, Stars, Today

Listen, we're still selling stardom. That doesn't go away because MTV decides they can't play videos or they want to program themselves more as a traditional T.V. station. Vevo and YouTube are like MTV online, and on demand.

Tags: Away, Listen, Themselves

The deepest and most sincere feeling I get is when I meet an artist and they have that steel in their eyes and they have that fire and that passion and all they want is to be a star and to hear themselves on the radio.

Tags: Feeling, Fire, Passion

The kids I talk to are convinced their generation will make the best music. And the greatest artists have yet to be discovered. I walk around with that thought every day.

Tags: Best, Greatest, Music

We don't sign an artist to fill a void, ever. I'll never find a Taylor Swift. You can't find a new Madonna, you cannot find a Prince, a Bob Marley, a John Lennon. You won't find another Kanye West. We simply deal with people as they walk in, and we say we either love them or we don't.

Tags: Another, Cannot, Love

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