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Left Wing Quotes

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Most Republicans call the show 'The Left Wing.'

Tags: Call, Left, Show  ✍ Author: Allison Janney

A wingnut is someone on the far-right wing or far-left wing of the political spectrum - the professional partisans, the unhinged activists and the paranoid conspiracy theorists. They're the people who always try to divide rather than unite us.

Tags: Political, Someone, Try  ✍ Author: Saint Teresa of Avila

Don't believe those who claim that only left wing parties really care about employment.

Tags: Care, Left, Parties  ✍ Author: Kjell Magne Bondevik

The thing is, playing with us, whoever was the left winger had to come to play every night because that's the way it was. Charlie came in and he just fit that role - big and strong around the net.

Tags: Big, Night, Strong  ✍ Author: Marcel Dionne

Before I joined the project most of the English people with whom I had made personal contacts were left wing and affected to some degree or other by the same kind of philosophy.

Tags: Left, Personal, Philosophy  ✍ Author: Klaus Fuchs

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