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Lorrie Fair's Quotes

Lorrie Fair profile photo

Born: 1978-08-05
Profession: Athlete
Nation: American
Biography of Lorrie Fair

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Even if you have a bad game, you have to swallow your pride and sign. It takes a little time, but it makes the kids happy. And it makes you feel good, too.

Tags: Good, Happy, Time

Everywhere you look these days you see Carolina athletes.

Tags: Athletes, Carolina, Days

I do feel we have several great keepers on this team. We just need to get them that experience.

Tags: Experience, Great, Team

I don't know if there are words to describe my motivation.

Tags: Describe, Motivation, Words

I don't know if you could take a whole 90 minutes and say that was the best game we ever played.

Tags: Best, Game, Whole

I think UNC and Lorrie Fair is a perfect match.

Tags: Fair, Match, Perfect

I'm little, but I love big things.

Tags: Big, Love

It's all a matter of how agents want to handle their clients.

Tags: Clients, Handle, Matter

Michael Jordan always wore his Carolina shorts under his Bulls' uniform.

Tags: Carolina, Shorts, Uniform

Sometimes I come home and still can't believe it's all mine.

Tags: Home, Mine, Sometimes

That doll looks more like a black man than me.

Tags: Black, Doll, Looks

The China game was the best because it took the effort of everyone on the team to survive 120 minutes.

Tags: Best, Game, Team

The fact that the games were so close was a tribute to the level of skill in the World Cup.

Tags: Fact, Games, Level

The national team comes before everything.

Tags: National, Team

This season is my most special and most cherished. All my focus is on getting that championship back here.

Tags: Focus, Here, Special

UNC symbolizes something special. When you get chills you know you belong here.

Tags: Belong, Here, Special

Everybody thought I was crazy. They thought I should take the money and run. But there was just something special about being a senior at Chapel Hill. I just couldn't leave.

Tags: Crazy, Money, Thought

Getting a chance to practice six months against my own teammates, who I consider the best soccer players in the world, there's no way I couldn't improve.

Tags: Against, Best, Chance

Here at Carolina, our World Cup opponents marked their calendars. Obviously the other nations wanted to win every game, but a big upset over the U.S. was something we knew other teams would cherish.

Tags: Big, Game, Win

I think there is a special bond between Carolina athletes. A lot of people seem to wear our gear because it is fashionable. They love the colors. It's Michael Jordan's school!

Tags: Love, School, Special

If my soccer career were over, I would still come here because of the people. And despite the fact I've had to skip some school for National Team purposes, I am looking forward to holding that Carolina degree as soon as I can get my hands on it.

Tags: Career, Forward, School

It's flattering if people think I'm attractive. If it helps, great, but it's not going to get in the way of me wanting to win. That's what I'm all about.

Tags: Attractive, Great, Win

Some people asked me if it was going to be a downer to come back and play on a college team after playing on a world championship team, and I don't think they understand what it is like to play here.

Tags: After, Team, Understand
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They are always telling us that Carolina Blue is not a color, that it is really Columbia blue or sky blue. But there is no bad blood amongst the teammates. All of our kidding is in good fun.

Tags: Bad, Fun, Good

We knew it was going to be the biggest event scheduled in the history of women's sports, but we didn't ever fathom we would be playing before sold-out stadiums all over the country.

Tags: History, Sports, Women
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