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Markets Quotes

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At the end of the day, the markets are my passion.

Tags: End, Passion  ✍ Author: Rick Santelli

I've always had to create my own markets and I've always been at a juncture in my career.

Tags: Career, Create  ✍ Author: Tracey Ullman

Markets are very important but for the government the citizens are more so.

Tags: Citizens, Government  ✍ Author: Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

Emerging markets are hugely important.

Tags: Emerging, Hugely  ✍ Author: James Dyson

The markets don't like instability and they don't like uncertainty.

 ✍ Author: Peter Mandelson

If the private sectors are about markets and the public sectors are about governments, then the plural sector is about communities.

Tags: Private, Public  ✍ Author: Henry Mintzberg

Commodities tend to zig when the equity markets zag.

Tags: Equity, Tend  ✍ Author: Jim Rogers

Markets don't allow you to hang about.

Tags: Allow, Hang  ✍ Author: Justin Welby

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