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Rick Santelli's Quotes

Rick Santelli profile photo

Born: 1953-01-12
Profession: Journalist
Nation: American
Biography of Rick Santelli

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We have mountain of debt that isn't going away and all the problems are here to stay, and anybody who tells you that is a good thing ought to get out of the business of helping the government down the road.

Tags: Business, Good, Government

If you read our Founding Fathers, people like Benjamin Franklin and Jefferson - what we're doing now in this country is making them roll over in their graves.

Tags: Country, Making, Read

At the end of the day, the markets are my passion.

Tags: End, Markets, Passion

Challenging leaders is as American as it gets.

Tags: American, Leaders

I don't believe anyone should ignore all the fires around you and stand pat and not worry about getting singed.

Tags: Getting, Ignore, Worry

I try to avoid political ties.

Tags: Avoid, Political, Try

I'm pretty darn happy with my day job.

Tags: Happy, Job, Pretty

One thing that served me well with clients was that you back your winners and you back your losers.

Tags: Clients, Losers, Winners

Our society, our culture - the greatness of America - goes hand-in-hand with energy, and our leaders need to wake up. We need energy, OK?

Tags: America, Energy, Society

The government is promoting bad behavior.

Tags: Bad, Behavior, Government

The jobs outlook in the U.S. isn't very good. And it's really about young people.

Tags: Good, Jobs, Young

The unique thing about our country is that we don't get behind politicians, politicians get behind us.

Tags: Behind, Country, Unique

When you are facing the wilderness on your own, you have a totally different attitude to someone who works in government or who has a monthly cheque.

Tags: Attitude, Government, Someone

You need more people to perpetuate a myth because if the people stop the myth is known to all.

Tags: Known, Myth, Stop

In normal times, investors should pay more attention to the credit markets because it's the energy by which everything is driven. It's the oil in the engine.

Tags: Attention, Energy, Times

We cannot collect enough taxes to catch up with spending. Do I know a solution? Not really. Do your politicians know a solution? Does our commander-in-chief offer a solution? Absolutely not.

Tags: Cannot, Enough, Taxes

A quota is always something artificial that can only last for a certain period of time.

Tags: Last, Period, Time

I don't attach importance to great speeches or philosophy.

Tags: Great, Importance, Philosophy

In a Union of 15 now, you must take into account the sensibilities of everyone.

Tags: Account, Everyone, Union

You can't build Europe against anyone.

Tags: Against, Anyone, Europe

You don't help your enterprise with a policy of protection.

Tags: Help, Policy, Protection
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