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Marta Kristen's Quotes

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Born: 1945-02-26
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Marta Kristen

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I figure when you get married, it doesn't matter how much you earn or how much your husband earns, just as long as everything you do for the house is together, while still reserving some part of yourself to be yourself.

Tags: Husband, Together, Yourself

I guess I'm a born ham.

Tags: Born, Guess, Ham

I'm a teen-age bride.

Tags: Bride

It's wonderful to be part of a family that cares so much about others.

Tags: Family, Others, Wonderful

Terry's mother worked in the film industry for many years. She always wanted him to marry an actress.

Tags: Him, Mother, Wanted

We all have a common goal, and we know it's all for our future good.

Tags: Future, Goal, Good

I was born in Norway, and when I was little I went to live in Detroit, Michigan. My father was a professor of philosophy at Wayne University, and my mother was also a teacher.

Tags: Father, Mother, Teacher

I've become a real housewife. Terry doesn't mind me working, in fact he loves me to be independent. But I only get an allowance of $15 dollars a week, which doesn't go very far.

Tags: Mind, Real, Working

Look at all the marriages that have been wonderfully successful where fellows finished their army service and came home to go to college on G.I. bills and their wives worked.

Tags: Home, Service, Successful
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Marta Kristen's quote #4
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