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Martin Lewis Perl's Quotes

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Born: 1927-06-24
Profession: Physicist
Nation: American
Biography of Martin Lewis Perl

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A parent being called to the school because their child had misbehaved was as serious as a parent being called to the police station because their child had robbed a bank.

Tags: Child, School, Serious

Going to school and working for good marks, indeed working for very good marks, was a serious business.

Tags: Business, Good, School

About 1900 my parents came to the United States as children from what was then the Polish area of Russia.

Tags: Children, Parents, United

As Jews, their families left Russia to escape the poverty and the antisemitism.

Tags: Escape, Left, Poverty

I read everything: fiction, history, science, mathematics, biography, travel.

Tags: History, Science, Travel

I was also interested in chemistry, but my parents were not willing to buy me a chemistry set.

Tags: Chemistry, Interested, Parents

It was good fortune to be a child during the Depression years and a youth during the war years.

Tags: Depression, Good, War

My parents regarded school teachers as higher beings, as did many immigrants.

Tags: Parents, School, Teachers

My parents were determined to move into the middle class.

Tags: Class, Move, Parents

Naturally, I have compensated in my adult years by owning very large numbers of books.

Tags: Adult, Books, Large

Natures' curriculum cannot be changed.

Tags: Cannot, Changed, Curriculum

I learned quickly, as I tell my graduate students now, there are no answers in the back of the book when the equipment doesn't work or the measurements look strange.

Tags: Book, Strange, Work

The remoteness of my parents from the schools, so unfashionable today, was often painful for me, but I learned early to deal with an outside and sometimes hard world.

Tags: Hard, Parents, Today

Their educations ended with high school - my father going to work as a clerk and then salesman in a company dealing in printing and stationary, and my mother working as a secretary and then bookkeeper in a firm of wool merchants.

Tags: Mother, School, Work

There were two free public libraries within walking distance of my home; I remember taking six books home from every visit, the limit set by the library.

Tags: Free, Home, Remember

They wanted me to play more sports because they were acutely sensitive to their children being one hundred percent American, and they believed that all Americans played sports and loved sports.

Tags: Children, Sports, Wanted

This was good training for research, because large parts of experimental work are sometimes boring or involve the use of skills in which one is not particularly gifted.

Tags: Boring, Good, Work

Whatever the course, whether the course was boring or interesting to me, whether I was talented in mathematics or not talented in languages, my parents expected A's.

Tags: Boring, Parents, Whatever
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