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Martin Luther King Jr Quotes

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Martin Luther King Jr. is remembered as our prince of peace, of civil rights. We owe him something major that will keep his memory alive.

Tags: Him, Keep, Peace  ✍ Author: Morgan Freeman

I think all of us thought that by the '70s, at the latest the '80s, all the world's problems would be solved and everyone would be getting along fine. And instead we saw that Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated that year, Robert F. Kennedy died. We saw that it was going to be a lot more difficult than I think we had thought.

Tags: Difficult, Problems, Thought  ✍ Author: Janis Ian

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is one of my personal heroes.

Tags: Heroes, King, Personal  ✍ Author: Ken Salazar

I think it's a good thing for a president or political leaders to want to put their values or their faith into action. Desmond Tutu did that in South Africa. Martin Luther King Jr. did that here. This is a good thing.

Tags: Faith, Good, Political  ✍ Author: Jim Wallis

Martin Luther King Jr. really understood the role of the churches when he said, 'The church is not meant to be the master of the state.' We don't sort of take power and grab the levers of government and impose our agenda down people's throats.

Tags: Government, Power, Said  ✍ Author: Jim Wallis

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