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Marya Hornbacher's Quotes

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Born: 1974-04-04
Profession: Author
Nation: American
Biography of Marya Hornbacher

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I think many people with a chronic illness would prefer not to have their chronic illness, simply because it's high maintenance.

Tags: High, Illness, Simply

Anorexia and bulimia seem to be getting much more common in boys, men, and women of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds; they are also becoming more common in racial groups previously thought to be impervious to the problem.

Tags: Men, Thought, Women

Children take in more information than we'd like to believe.

Tags: Children

I'm a driven perfectionist, very self-critical.

Tags: Driven

My parents say that even as a very, very little kid, the way that I acted was dramatically different from other little kids.

Tags: Kid, Kids, Parents

When you deal with nonfiction you deal with human characters.

Tags: Characters, Deal, Human

You can only whine for so long. Then you need to get your life back.

Tags: Life, Whine

You can't teach an ear, you can't teach talent, but you can teach people who have those things not to just fly by the seat of their pants.

Tags: Fly, Talent, Teach

I am often drawn to what appear at first to be 'dark' or 'difficult' subjects, but which, upon further examination, are always and only reflections of the ways human beings attempt, however clumsily, badly, or well, to connect with others.

Tags: Dark, Human, Others

I do have faith. I don't have faith that a God exists, nor do I have faith that one does not; I have absolute faith that I do not know, cannot know, am only human, am an infinitesimal creature packed onto a cramped planet crowded with seven billion bodies, and as many yearning hearts, and as many questioning minds.

Tags: Faith, God, Human

I have a type of bipolar that swings up and down all day long. There are significant mood swings within a day, within a week, within a month. I go through at least four major episodes a year. That's really the definition of bipolar rapid cycle. But I have ultra-rapid, so I have tiny little episodes all day long.

Tags: Week, Within, Year

It's really interesting to me how all of us can experience the exact same event, and yet come away with wildly disparate interpretations of what happened. We each have totally different ideas of what was said, what was intended, and what really took place.

Tags: Experience, Place, Said

My relationships with both my mother and father are good. We spent several difficult years hashing over the problems and the past, and worked out a fairly solid middle ground. I wouldn't say my relationship with either of them - they're no longer together - is exactly typical, but that would be difficult after all we went through.

Tags: Father, Good, Mother

My students know I have a life, they know I've written about my life. They know some detail, probably more than they know about their physics teacher, but I would've told them anyway!

Tags: Life, Physics, Teacher

There's childhood and early onset bipolar, but it transitions in your early adulthood into something a little bit different, and extremely severe. It was at that time that my impulse control just went out the window. Impulse control when you're manic just disappears.

Tags: Childhood, Control, Time

Were I to put myself on... one of those online dating things, I would not include in my profile that I'm regularly hospitalized for psychosis. But I do know that when I get really bad, there is a place for me to go where I will feel better.

Tags: Bad, Dating, Put

When you're teaching creative nonfiction, it helps to have written about your life in a very open way, because you can say, 'Look, how much are you willing to risk emotionally to write? How careful can you be with the other people you're writing about?'

Tags: Creative, Life, Writing
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