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U.N. Women was created due to the acknowledgement that gender equality and women's empowerment was still, despite progress, far from what it should be. Transforming political will and decisions, such as the Member States creating U.N. Women, into concrete steps towards gender equality and women's empowerment, I think is one of the main challenges.

Tags: Equality, Political, Women  ✍ Author: Michelle Bachelet

We believe in a flexible union of free member states who share treaties and institutions and pursue together the ideal of co-operation, to represent and promote the values of European civilisation in the world, advance our shared interests by using our collective power to open markets, and to build a strong economic base across the whole of Europe.

Tags: Power, Strong, Together  ✍ Author: David Cameron

At the same time the Constitution sets in stone the Stability Pact and risks preventing member States from implementing a policy of growth. So we are not able to do things at the European or the national level.

Tags: Able, Growth, Time  ✍ Author: Laurent Fabius

By the way, the European Union Member States together - even the euro area Member States together - are by far the biggest contributors to the IMF.

Tags: Far, Together, Union  ✍ Author: Jose Manuel Barroso

Norwegian legislation is more in conformity with the rules of the European Union than most member states.

Tags: Conformity, Rules, Union  ✍ Author: Jose Manuel Barroso

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