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I send messages to the White House continuously.

Tags: House, White  ✍ Author: Mario Diaz-Balart

People need to start to think about the messages that they send in the movies.

Tags: Movies, Start  ✍ Author: Morgan Freeman

You can't be preachy - kids are allergic to messages.

Tags: Allergic, Kids  ✍ Author: Wendelin Van Draanen

All too many young people are receiving mixed messages and inaccurate information about drugs.

Tags: Mixed, Young  ✍ Author: John Walters

Some of these pro-drug messages come from popular culture.

Tags: Culture, Popular  ✍ Author: John Walters

I try not to look for messages in films.

Tags: Films, Try  ✍ Author: Robert Duvall

I don't think good films have messages.

Tags: Films, Good  ✍ Author: Jennifer Jason Leigh

So many of my books, I don't want to say they have messages, but they have important things to say.

Tags: Books  ✍ Author: Lois Lowry

Unlike then, the mail stream of today has diminished by such things as e-mails and faxes and cell phones and text messages, largely electronic means of communication that replace mail.

Tags: Means, Today  ✍ Author: John M. McHugh

The tunes, rhythms, and messages are drawn mainly from secular culture.

Tags: Culture, Secular  ✍ Author: Richard Morris

I'm just a glutton for spas and messages. And I love to surf and hike.

Tags: Love, Surf  ✍ Author: Carolyn Murphy

I've had to relearn how I work with people so that if and when I do avoid different things I don't send any messages in doing so.

Tags: Avoid, Work  ✍ Author: Theodore Sturgeon

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