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Secular Quotes

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I tended to emphasize the secular, the casual, the colloquial, the vernacular against the sacred.

Tags: Against, Sacred  ✍ Author: David Antin

Jordan is a very secular, Westernized country in some respects.

Tags: Country, Respects  ✍ Author: Kathryn Bigelow

My parents were secular. I am an atheist.

Tags: Atheist, Parents  ✍ Author: Ben Elton

I now attend non-orthodox synagogues, and study little during the secular week.

Tags: Study, Week  ✍ Author: Luke Ford

The road to the sacred leads through the secular.

Tags: Road, Sacred  ✍ Author: Abraham Joshua Heschel

It was a secular cathedral, dedicated to the rites of travel.

Tags: Dedicated, Travel  ✍ Author: Robert Hughes

The tunes, rhythms, and messages are drawn mainly from secular culture.

Tags: Culture, Messages  ✍ Author: Richard Morris

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