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I am a military police officer and I have served on two deployments; my first was to Iraq, in a medical unit, and my second deployment was to Kuwait, as a military police platoon leader.

Tags: Leader, Medical, Military  ✍ Author: Tulsi Gabbard

Military police know what to do, they know the Geneva Conventions, and their objective is to provide a safe, secure, fair environment for prisoners under their control.

Tags: Control, Fair, Military  ✍ Author: Janis Karpinski

That policy was abandoned very quickly, and the military police were tagged with the responsibility of conducting training, which they did. We were not equipped or set up with personnel to recruit new Iraqi guards.

Tags: Military, Police, Training  ✍ Author: Janis Karpinski

The war was declared over - the end of major combat operations - in May 2003. Release procedures got under way immediately; reducing the population from 8,000 to just over 300, of course, requires fewer military police soldiers.

Tags: End, May, War  ✍ Author: Janis Karpinski

There was a military police brigade with over 3,400 soldiers getting ready to go home because their mission - prisoner-of-war operations - was finished.

Tags: Getting, Home, Soldiers  ✍ Author: Janis Karpinski

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