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Military Power Quotes

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For good or for ill, air mastery is today the supreme expression of military power and fleets and armies, however vital and important, must accept a subordinate rank.

Tags: Good, Power, Today  ✍ Author: Winston Churchill

If there's ever an example that military power alone cannot be successful in Afghanistan, I think it was the Soviet experience.

Tags: Alone, Experience, Power  ✍ Author: Robert M. Gates

Based on all criteria - military power, economic influence, cultural dominance - America remains number one, even though other, new players are increasingly challenging it in that role.

Tags: America, Military, Power  ✍ Author: Robert Kagan

In my view, America has never had the opportunity to enter paradise. Europe enjoys the paradise it enjoys, in part because the United States provides the overall security that allows Europe to live in a system where military power is not a major issue.

Tags: America, Power, Security  ✍ Author: Robert Kagan

I think the primary message to the world is that the United States is going to remain the strongest military power in the world.

Tags: Military, Power, United  ✍ Author: Leon Panetta

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