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Mohammed Daud Khan's Quotes

Mohammed Daud Khan profile photo

Born: 1909-07-18
Profession: Statesman
Nation: Afghani
Biography of Mohammed Daud Khan

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I feel the happiest when I can light my American cigarettes with Soviet matches.

Tags: American, Happiest, Light

He didn't want me to become a musician, he wanted me to be a doctor, because he said singing was too hard.

Tags: Become, Hard, Said

I also like Western classical music and jazz.

Tags: Classical, Jazz, Music

I am not a Sufi, but I follow the Sufi.

Tags: Follow

I do listen to other music though, and try to pick up what is good.

Tags: Good, Music, Try

I have a daughter, she's twenty years old.

Tags: Daughter, Old, She

I have tried to make the music a bit easier for them to understand.

Tags: Music, Tried, Understand

I was just studying with my father, a very difficult task for me since he was a great, great Qawwali singer.

Tags: Difficult, Father, Great

In his day, the audience was well aware of the music, of the classical beat.

Tags: Audience, Beat, Music

On the fortieth day after his death, we held the ceremony, and I performed for the very first time.

Tags: After, Death, Time

These three elements are called Qawwali, and they've got to be there.

Tags: Elements, Three

When people start dancing, they dance like they don't know they are doing it.

Tags: Dance, Dancing, Start

Yes, I tried to change the classical style in a way that people who don't understand it can enjoy.

Tags: Change, Enjoy, Understand

Yes, you've got to sing from the depths of the heart.

Tags: Heart, Sing, Yes

A perfect human being: Man in search of his ideal of perfection. Nothing less.

Tags: Human, Less, Perfect

In dream consciousness... we make things happen by wishing them, because we are not only the observer of what we experience but also the creator.

Tags: Dream, Experience, Happen

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