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Natsuki Takaya's Quotes

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Born: 1973-07-07
Profession: Artist
Nation: Japanese
Biography of Natsuki Takaya

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As a child, because manga was always around and I was reading it, I naturally thought, 'Hey, I'd like to draw manga - I'd like to be a manga author!'

Tags: Child, Reading, Thought

Simply put, I'm glad that manga as an expressive form is expanding.

Tags: Glad, Put, Simply

Above and beyond drawing my creations, I try to incorporate some kind of message. I try not to end as merely a question but try to provide a conclusion within the work.

Tags: End, Try, Work

I think that nationality has no relation to that which gives rise to manga. Even among the Japanese, manga creators are making their creations everyday reflecting their own individuality, with none being the same. What is important isn't the differences between the creators but their love for manga.

Tags: Between, Love, Making

I began cutting up fish when I was a little kid.

Tags: Cutting, Fish, Kid

I like the hot dogs at Dodger Stadium.

Tags: Dodger, Dogs, Hot

I want to know what my food has been eating.

Tags: Eating, Food

In Japanese sushi restaurants, a lot of sushi chefs talk too much.

Tags: Japanese, Sushi, Talk

Today, in the newspapers and magazines, the first sentence is, my restaurant is expensive.

Tags: Expensive, Restaurant, Today

My job the same as carpenter. What kind of house you want to build? What kind of food you want to make? You think your ingredients, your structure. Simple.

Tags: Food, Job, Simple
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Natsuki Takaya's quote #5
Natsuki Takaya's quote #5
Natsuki Takaya's quote #5