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Nia Vardalos's Quotes

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Born: 1962-09-24
Profession: Actress
Nation: Canadian
Biography of Nia Vardalos

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You only get one life so you might as well make it a happy one, and that's why I tend to just jump into things. I'm sort of a fearless idiot that way.

Tags: Happy, Life, Why

My New Year's Resolution List usually starts with the desire to lose between ten and three thousand pounds.

Tags: Between, Lose, Year

I do recommend it for all girls, and boys, out there: put on a pair of fishnet stockings and find your inner sexiness!

Tags: Inner, Put, Sexiness

And (cue music swell) motherhood turned out to be the most meaningful thing I've ever done with my life. Really.

Tags: Done, Life, Music

I couldn't get an acting job to save my life when I moved to L.A.

Tags: Acting, Job, Life

I don't card out my screenplays ever. I just have an idea I just sit down and write I don't edit.

Tags: Idea, Sit, Write

I think our skin clears up and we're nicer when you are in love.

Tags: Love, Nicer, Skin

I'd been raised by my parents who taught me not to think you're better than you are.

Tags: Parents, Raised, Taught

In many ways we are all sons and daughters of ancient Greece.

Tags: Ancient, Daughters, Ways

It wasn't easy to adopt an American child. Actually it's quite simple, but finding out how to do it was the hard part.

Tags: American, Hard, Simple

Let's face it: Russell Crowe is fat and no one ever talks about it.

Tags: Face, Fat, Talks

My daughter is a preschooler but I have only known her for a while. She is adopted.

Tags: Her, She, While

On November 15th, 2008, in over 300 cities, 4,000 children were adopted in one day.

Tags: Children, Cities, November

Socially, the issue of men's weight is simply not a big deal.

Tags: Big, Men, Simply

We live in an unsafe world.

Tags: Unsafe

You're never too fat for a new purse.

Tags: Fat, Purse

I thought I was attractive when I shot 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding.' Studio executives and movie reviewers let me know I had a confidence in my looks that was not shared by them.

Tags: Confidence, Thought, Wedding

It's not like suddenly, when you become a working actor all your friends are in the same situation. I have friends who are still handing out flyers for their one-woman show and trying to make ends meet.

Tags: Friends, Trying, Working

On the publicity tour of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding,' I was asked over and over again, if, as the writer, I felt it was a fair depiction of real life to have someone of my er, below average looks, hook up with hottie John Corbett.

Tags: Life, Someone, Wedding

What I wish I had, is that I wish I was a little more Greek, in that I wish I could lose my North American driven attitude and that I could be a little bit more poetic and laissez faire.

Tags: American, Attitude, Wish

When I used to do musical theatre, my dad refused to come backstage. He never wanted to see the props up close or the sets up close. He didn't want to see the magic.

Tags: Dad, Used, Wanted

You're not ethnic enough. You're not fat enough. You're not thin enough. You're not blond enough. You're not dark enough. You're not young enough. You're not old enough.

Tags: Dark, Enough, Young
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