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Paul Darrow's Quotes

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Born: 1941-05-02
Profession: Actor
Nation: British
Biography of Paul Darrow

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He's psychologically damaged, I suppose, if you stand back and look objectively at him, but then, who isn't?

Tags: Damaged, Him, Stand

To tell you the truth, it's a complex piece, so I can't really answer your question at present.

Tags: Question, Tell, Truth

Also, from a technical point of view, as you're standing in front of a microphone all day, it's quite a good idea that I should play a laid back sort of character because if he was too frenetic, I'd be exhausted by lunch!

Tags: Character, Good, Idea

He has all those different aspects to him, so I can more or less decide as a performer how I'm going to deliver a line in a particular scene, or play a particular scene in total.

Tags: Him, Less, Line

I think the intelligent thing about it is that you have to carefully listen to it all to grasp it, and because I'm not in every scene - colossal disappointment to everybody that it may be - I'm not getting the full picture here today while recording it.

Tags: Here, May, Today

If he is a ghost, then it's very disappointing for me, because he is banished in the story, and that could mean that he won't be coming back, and that would be terrible, wouldn't it?

Tags: Mean, Story, Won
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Paul Darrow's quote #3
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Paul Darrow's quote #3
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