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I think it's possible to have been a happy child, as I was, and still question and push back with regard to societal conventions.

Tags: Child, Happy  ✍ Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

On the Northern Ireland question, for instance, the British and Irish governments prohibit media contact with members of the IRA, but we have always gone ahead, believing in the right to information.

Tags: Believing, Gone  ✍ Author: Kate Adie

In the age of the individual's liquidation, the question of individuality must be raised anew.

Tags: Age, Individual  ✍ Author: Theodor Adorno

It's a significant question: should black people only adopt black children, and white people white children?

Tags: Black, Children  ✍ Author: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'

Tags: Life, Others  ✍ Author: Martin Luther King, Jr.

The question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be... The nation and the world are in dire need of creative extremists.

Tags: Creative, Nation  ✍ Author: Martin Luther King, Jr.

If the present Congress errs in too much talking, how can it be otherwise in a body to which the people send one hundred and fifty lawyers, whose trade it is to question everything, yield nothing, and talk by the hour?

Tags: Body, Talk  ✍ Author: Thomas Jefferson

To be, or not to be, that is the question.

 ✍ Author: William Shakespeare

A sudden bold and unexpected question doth many times surprise a man and lay him open.

Tags: Him, Times  ✍ Author: Francis Bacon

A prudent question is one-half of wisdom.

Tags: Prudent, Wisdom  ✍ Author: Francis Bacon

The central question is simply put: What did the president know and when did he know it?

Tags: President, Put  ✍ Author: Howard H. Baker, Jr.

Every argument on lynching in the South gets back sooner or later to the question of rape.

Tags: Argument, Later  ✍ Author: Ray Stannard Baker

The question is no longer whether the United States should contribute to assuring Israel's survival and prosperity; that goes without saying.

Tags: Saying, Whether  ✍ Author: Alan Ball

Did you hear that? I didn't hear anything. Put that question another way.

Tags: Another, Put  ✍ Author: Elizabeth Banks

I wish I had an answer to that because I'm tired of answering that question.

Tags: Tired, Wish  ✍ Author: Yogi Berra

In order to govern, the question is not to follow out a more or less valid theory but to build with whatever materials are at hand. The inevitable must be accepted and turned to advantage.

Tags: Less, Whatever  ✍ Author: Napoleon Bonaparte

In most job interviews, people say they are looking for people skills and emotional intelligence. That's reasonable, but the question is, how do you define what that looks like?

Tags: Emotional, Job  ✍ Author: Jonathan Cain

The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.

Tags: Able, Big  ✍ Author: Joseph Campbell

Charm is a way of getting the answer yes without asking a clear question.

Tags: Answer, Getting  ✍ Author: Albert Camus

You know what charm is: a way of getting the answer 'yes' without having asked any clear question.

Tags: Answer, Getting  ✍ Author: Albert Camus

In mathematics the art of proposing a question must be held of higher value than solving it.

Tags: Art, Value  ✍ Author: Georg Cantor

I know there is much mystery, much question to what happened, and I must also say, many lies.

Tags: Happened, Lies  ✍ Author: Jennifer Capriati
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Everywhere in life, the true question is not what we gain, but what we do.

Tags: Life, True  ✍ Author: Thomas Carlyle

But I was thinking of a way To multiply by ten, And always, in the answer, get The question back again.

Tags: Again, Thinking  ✍ Author: Lewis Carroll

Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question.

Tags: Answer, Beautiful  ✍ Author: e. e. cummings

The big question is: When will the term structure of interest rates change? That's the question to be worried about.

Tags: Big, Change  ✍ Author: Salvador Dali

I do not think it possible for anyone to get by in life without prejudice. However, the attempt to do so leads many people to suppose that, in order to decide any moral question, they have to find an indubitable first principle from which they can deduce an answer.

Tags: Life, Moral  ✍ Author: Theodore Dalrymple

That's an interesting question. I would say that in general Americans know very little about the law. It's one of those things that most of us take for granted.

Tags: Granted, Law  ✍ Author: Christopher Darden

To tell you the truth, it's a complex piece, so I can't really answer your question at present.

Tags: Tell, Truth  ✍ Author: Paul Darrow

It was an interesting question as to whether the BBC had a future in the digital world, and what form of market failure could justify the licence fee system.

Tags: Failure, Future  ✍ Author: Gavyn Davies

I've made it abundantly clear and I'll repeat yet again there's no question of gagging individuals.

Tags: Again, Clear  ✍ Author: Ron Davies

The question of whether there exists a supernatural creator, a God, is one of the most important that we have to answer. I think that it is a scientific question. My answer is no.

Tags: God, Whether  ✍ Author: Richard Dawkins

The question is not really about a shift to the economic cone where officers are writing about the balance of payments and the need for economic stabilization.

Tags: Balance, Writing  ✍ Author: Lawrence Eagleburger

Some experts look at global warming, increased world temperature, as the critical tipping point that is causing a crash in coral reef health around the world. And there's no question that it is a factor, but it's preceded by the loss of resilience and degradation.

Tags: Health, Point  ✍ Author: Sylvia Earle

I've never met a genius. A genius to me is someone who does well at something he hates. Anybody can do well at something he loves - it's just a question of finding the subject.

Tags: Genius, Someone  ✍ Author: Clint Eastwood

I guess the one question I will not get today is: When are you going to do anything about cellular?

Tags: Guess, Today  ✍ Author: Bernard Ebbers

It comes down to a question of attention: it's difficult to use the Net distractedly, unlike the television or the radio.

Tags: Attention, Difficult  ✍ Author: Umberto Eco

That is a good question for you to ask, not a wise question for me to answer.

Tags: Good, Wise  ✍ Author: Anthony Eden

There are people that bring artists to me to look at it and it's a question of whether I like their music and their look and if I think there's something they have that makes them different and commercial.

Tags: Makes, Music  ✍ Author: Kenneth Edmonds

As for the single market, the E.U.'s landmark achievement, there is no question that a euro zone breakup would severely disrupt its operation in the short run.

Tags: Short, Single  ✍ Author: Robert. L. Ehrlich

That still has to be there. And so, it's kind of an interesting question you brought up. Because, on the one hand, yeah, it'd be lovely. I certainly don't see that happening. In fact, I see the opposite happening.

Tags: Fact, Lovely  ✍ Author: Danny Elfman

Whether religion is man-made is a question for philosophers or theologians. But the forms are man-made. They are a human response to something. As a historian of religions, I am interested in those expressions.

Tags: Human, Religion  ✍ Author: Mircea Eliade

Question everything. Learn something. Answer nothing.

Tags: Learn, Learning  ✍ Author: M. C. Escher

The decision of such judges as Claudius and his Senate is worth very little in the question of a man's innocence or guilt; but the sentence was that Seneca should be banished to the island of Corsica.

Tags: Decision, Worth  ✍ Author: Louis Farrakhan

The question I should have asked is not what is the rule, but what is the principle.

Tags: Asked, Rule  ✍ Author: Andrew Fastow

This is what rhyme does. In a couplet, the first rhyme is like a question to which the second rhyme is an answer. The first rhyme leaves something in the air, some unanswered business. In most quatrains, space is created between the rhyme that poses the question and the rhyme that gives the answer - it is like a pleasure deferred.

Tags: Between, Business  ✍ Author: James Fenton

If you ask me a question, don't tell me what the question is in advance, 'cause I'd rather not know.

Tags: Rather, Tell  ✍ Author: Geraldine Ferraro

Oh yes, much, because music is just something that comes to you. You don't question it.

Tags: Music, Yes  ✍ Author: Bryan Ferry

But nothing in India is identifiable, the mere asking of a question causes it to disappear or to merge in something else.

Tags: Else, India  ✍ Author: E. M. Forster

'Tis not every question that deserves an answer.

Tags: Answer, Deserves  ✍ Author: Thomas Fuller

A wise man's question contains half the answer.

Tags: Half, Wise  ✍ Author: Jean Gabin

Question everything. Every stripe, every star, every word spoken. Everything.

Tags: Star, Word  ✍ Author: Ernest Gaines

To rule is not so much a question of the heavy hand as the firm seat.

Tags: Hand, Rule  ✍ Author: Jose Ortega y Gasset

Since when has the world of computer software design been about what people want? This is a simple question of evolution. The day is quickly coming when every knee will bow down to a silicon fist, and you will all beg your binary gods for mercy.

Tags: Design, Simple  ✍ Author: Bill Gates

For your information, I would like to ask a question.

Tags: Ask  ✍ Author: Samuel Goldwyn

I started to send my work to journals when I was 26, which was just a question of when I got the courage up. They were mostly journals I had been reading for the previous six or seven years.

Tags: Courage, Work  ✍ Author: Marilyn Hacker

And it's a question of how far we're willing to go in order to let the ego shine, in order to let that beacon penetrate not only the local scene but the world.

Tags: Ego, Far  ✍ Author: Taylor Hackford

People ask the question, 'If you're offered VP, would you take it?' No, I won't take it.

Tags: Ask, Won  ✍ Author: Nikki Haley

Indeed, if a chief question does remain: how is the power to think possible? - The power to think right and left, before and without, with and above experience? then it does not take a deduction to prove the genealogical priority of language.

Tags: Experience, Power  ✍ Author: Johann Georg Hamann

Since the world has existed, there has been injustice. But it is one world, the more so as it becomes smaller, more accessible. There is just no question that there is more obligation that those who have should give to those who have nothing.

Tags: Give, Since  ✍ Author: Audrey Hepburn

The way to develop decisiveness is to start right where you are, with the very next question you face.

Tags: Face, Start  ✍ Author: Napoleon Hill

Never answer a question from a farmer.

Tags: Answer, Farmer  ✍ Author: Hubert H. Humphrey

It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.

Tags: Answer  ✍ Author: Eugene Ionesco

For me the question was, do I want my paycheck to be dependent on how other people think I look?

Tags: Dependent, Paycheck  ✍ Author: Kathy Ireland

Potentially significant, by the way, because we don't know exactly what's in Matt Cooper's notes, and we don't know - and we don't still know the answer to the crucial question of whether it was Rove or somebody else that revealed Valerie Plame's name to him.

Tags: Else, Him  ✍ Author: Shintaro Ishihara

But my question is, am I compromising by adapting my words for the audience and where is the line beyond which I am not adapting words, but changing my position?

Tags: Line, Words  ✍ Author: Joichi Ito

The Sandinista revolution was without any question a popular insurrection.

Tags: Popular, Revolution  ✍ Author: Bianca Jagger

The most frequently asked question I hear first-time entrepreneurs ask is, 'How do I know when to launch my product?' The answer, more often than not, should be: 'Now!'

Tags: Ask, Often  ✍ Author: Naveen Jain

All my experience of the world teaches me that in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred, the safe and just side of a question is the generous and merciful side.

Tags: Experience, Side  ✍ Author: Anna Jameson

Being a question on 'The Weakest Link,' that was quite a moment.

Tags: Moment, Quite  ✍ Author: Katherine Jenkins

It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.

Tags: Debate, Settle  ✍ Author: Joseph Joubert

Life is essentially a question of values.

Tags: Life, Values  ✍ Author: Meir Kahane

The question arises whether private companies can bear responsibility when considering the large risks involved with nuclear business.

Tags: Business, Whether  ✍ Author: Naoto Kan

I question the value of stars. I think they're overrated. They get too much money, too much praise.

Tags: Money, Stars  ✍ Author: Elia Kazan

I've never wanted to be part of an inner circle of any scene. I've always been an outsider looking to question and subvert.

Tags: Looking, Wanted  ✍ Author: David LaChapelle

It is by now beyond question that Elton John is a competent and classy entertainer. Few people who have achieved his popularity have succeeded in maintaining his standards for performance and professionalism.

Tags: Classy, Few  ✍ Author: Jon Landau

Writing detective stories is about writing light literature, for entertainment. It isn't primarily a question of writing propaganda or classical literature.

Tags: Light, Writing  ✍ Author: Steig Larsson

But the question is a matter of the survival and the teaching. That's what our work comes down to. No matter where we key into it, it's the same work, just different pieces of ourselves doing it.

Tags: Matter, Work  ✍ Author: Audre Lorde

You can't say history teaches us this or that; it gives us more questions than answers, and many answers to every question.

Tags: History, Questions  ✍ Author: Amin Maalouf

Like a lot of black people, I grew up straight po'. Wasn't no question about whether we was po', either. If you really wanted to know, all you had to do was look in our refrigerator.

Tags: Black, Wanted  ✍ Author: Bernie Mac

And the second question, can poetry be taught? I didn't think so.

Tags: Poetry, Second  ✍ Author: Norman MacCaig

It's rare to work on a series without a writer. If you have a question about a line, then phone calls have to be made.

Tags: Work, Writer  ✍ Author: Rebecca Mader

The executive has no right, in any case, to decide the question, whether there is or is not cause for declaring war.

Tags: War, Whether  ✍ Author: James Madison

It's not just a question of conquering a summit previously unknown, but of tracing, step by step, a new pathway to it.

Tags: Step, Unknown  ✍ Author: Gustav Mahler

Without question, CEOs, executives and employees in companies in the United States and around the world have rallied to face the challenge of a social media marketplace.

Tags: Challenge, Social  ✍ Author: Daniel Mainwaring

The first question which you will ask and which I must try to answer is this; What is the use of climbing Mount Everest? and my answer must at once be, it is no use. There is not the slightest prospect of any gain whatsoever.

Tags: Once, Try  ✍ Author: George Leigh Mallory

It is an open question whether any behavior based on fear of eternal punishment can be regarded as ethical or should be regarded as merely cowardly.

Tags: Fear, Whether  ✍ Author: Margaret Mead

I'm a modern Muslim. I pray, and if I have a question, I ask someone who is more educated in the religion than me.

Tags: Religion, Someone  ✍ Author: Youssou N\'Dour

But it's a very universal story and the thing is I was reluctant to answer that question because I don't want people latching on to a particular stereotype.

Tags: Answer, Story  ✍ Author: Parminder Nagra

I want to question what the outside is and who defines it. I often find those that are considered to be on the outside extremely inspiring.

Tags: Often, Outside  ✍ Author: Mira Nair

Key is the question of where do new ideas come from. Historically, four places: government labs, big corporations, startup companies, and research universities.

Tags: Big, Government  ✍ Author: Nicholas Negroponte

Without question Gibson guitars are the finest, most revered guitars on the planet.

Tags: Finest, Planet  ✍ Author: Ted Nugent

Many manufacturers secretly question whether advertising really sells their product, but are vaguely afraid that their competitors might steal a march on them if they stopped.

Tags: Afraid, Whether  ✍ Author: David Ogilvy

There is one question that I don't think Gary Condit can answer, and that I think is why we all aimed at Gary Condit, besides the fact that he has a relationship.

Tags: Fact, Why  ✍ Author: Barbara Olson

MAY it please your Honors: I was desired by one of the court to look into the books, and consider the question now before them concerning Writs of Assistance.

Tags: Books, May  ✍ Author: James Otis

It won't be a question of how well-trained or well-equipped the army is but one of the authority it serves.

Tags: Army, Won  ✍ Author: Adnan Pachachi

The most important question we have to deal with is a combination of population control and the control of our environment - how to utilize the world in as effective a way as we can for the future of mankind.

Tags: Control, Future  ✍ Author: David Packard

Anytime I audition for something, it's always a question of whether or not the people I'm auditioning for understand I'm an improviser and I like to do that, and if they like that or if they just want someone who's going to do what's written.

Tags: Someone, Understand  ✍ Author: Adam Pally

There's no question that the main location of Al Qaida is in tribal areas of Pakistan.

Tags: Location, Pakistan  ✍ Author: Leon Panetta

I don't think there's any question that America is safer as a result of the bin Laden operation.

Tags: America, Result  ✍ Author: Leon Panetta
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