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Pearl Cleage's Quotes

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Born: 1948-12-07
Profession: Author
Nation: American
Biography of Pearl Cleage

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As African-Americans, we often spend our time and energy blaming other people for the problems we see around us.

Tags: Energy, Problems, Time

I've never been to Paris. I don't like to fly!

Tags: Fly, Paris

Putting words on paper regularly is part of the necessary discipline of writing. A journal is a great way to do that.

Tags: Great, Words, Writing

I think that theater is a unique way to communicate with people as they gather together with other people they may not even know. It creates a sense of shared community for the time of the performance that hopefully carries over into other aspects of the audience's life because they have shared this experience together.

Tags: Experience, Life, Time

I think the black community is no different from any other community. We need to take responsibility for how we live together. We need to be personally responsible for keeping our streets clean, our schools safe, and our houses peaceful.

Tags: Black, Community, Together

Many times, what people call 'writer's block' is the confusion that happens when a writer has a great idea, but their writing skill is not up to the task of putting that idea down on paper. I think that learning the craft of writing is critical.

Tags: Great, Learning, Writing
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Pearl Cleage's quote #3
Pearl Cleage's quote #3
Pearl Cleage's quote #3
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