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Peter Hollingworth's Quotes

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Born: 1935-04-10
Profession: Clergyman
Nation: Australian
Biography of Peter Hollingworth

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All human kingship risks a denial of the sovereignty of God.

Tags: Denial, God, Human

I was no great achiever at school, either academically or in the sporting field... I was always tending to be in trouble.

Tags: Great, School, Trouble

I'm not over-reacting, but I do think people have to be a bit cautious when they say all kind of activities associated with witchcraft are harmless.

Tags: Activities, Bit, Cautious

Some people are a natural administrator. They actually enjoy doing it. I find it a chore. I'm not a details person. I go for the big sweep.

Tags: Actually, Big, Enjoy

There are no training courses to make people bishops. You have to learn on the job.

Tags: Job, Learn, Training

I can cite a few cases of where people have tampered around with magic and witchcraft that they've been very severely frightened and traumatised by some of the outcomes. I mean we are playing with fire, and I had to say that.

Tags: Few, Fire, Mean

I didn't do very well at school, and I suppose I've always had this sense, you know that, of being average, so I've been a bit low on self-confidence in my ability.

Tags: Ability, School, Sense

I enjoy ritual and ceremony. What I don't like is when it's badly done or sloppily done. This is actually a theological issue - the forms we adopt, the actions we take, the way we do things, are, as it were, a sacrament.

Tags: Actually, Done, Enjoy

I just think in this world of extreme religious pluralism, the great spectrum of things ranging from the healthy and the respectable, and the balance and the true and tried, you go down to quite bizarre things which are very risky for people, particularly people who are young or vulnerable or unable to discriminate.

Tags: Great, True, Young

I think the truth is, we are all racist, really, when it comes down to it. I think all of us have to check ourselves from time to time, and say, 'Look, that sort of attitude isn't good enough.' It takes discipline to keep our prejudices out.

Tags: Good, Time, Truth

I'd have to say, and I think that most Christians would hold the view, that there is such a thing as evil, and there are evil forces at work. You can articulate that by talking about Satan or the Devil; that's sound, Scriptural teaching.

Tags: Devil, Evil, Work

Over the years I've tried to be clear about the things that are important in life, the things that matter, and I've tried to pursue them, and, I've had a certain sense of 'stickability,' hanging in there, and I suppose that's me.

Tags: Life, Matter, Sense

Are we controlled by our thoughts, or are we controlling our thoughts?

Tags: Controlled, Thoughts

The inner thought coming from the heart represents the real motives and desires. These are the cause of action.

Tags: Heart, Real, Thought

No matter what we want of life we have to give up something in order to get it.

Tags: Give, Life, Matter

God does not require you to follow His leadings on blind trust. Behold the evidence of an invisible intelligence pervading everything, even your own mind and body.

Tags: God, Mind, Trust

To give your best is to receive the best.

Tags: Best, Give, Receive

Understanding reduces the greatest to simplicity, and lack of its causes the least to take on the magnitude.

Tags: Greatest, Lack, Simplicity

You must see first before you can believe.

Tags: Creates, Desire, Power
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