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Pitcher Quotes

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You don't always make an out. Sometimes the pitcher gets you out.

Tags: Sometimes  ✍ Author: Carl Yastrzemski

I never faced a pitcher with better stuff than Nolan Ryan.

Tags: Faced, Stuff  ✍ Author: Robin Yount

I don't know why you would trade a stud pitcher.

Tags: Trade, Why  ✍ Author: Anna Benson

I'm a finesse pitcher without the finesse.

Tags: Finesse  ✍ Author: David Cone

You better be looking for another pitcher.

Tags: Another, Looking  ✍ Author: Jeff Cooper

The pitcher has to find out if the hitter is timid, and if he is timid, he has to remind the hitter he's timid.

Tags: Hitter, Remind  ✍ Author: Don Drysdale

When I was 12, I had a coach tell me I would never be a championship pitcher. That devastated me. I was crushed.

Tags: Coach, Tell  ✍ Author: Jennie Finch

The pitcher setting up the batter. It's chess, and you play with it.

Tags: Batter, Chess  ✍ Author: Al Leiter

A pitcher is not a ballplayer.

Tags: Ballplayer  ✍ Author: Christy Mathewson

There is no future for me as a closing pitcher.

Tags: Closing, Future  ✍ Author: Danny McBride

If you talk to any pitcher, consistency is the most important thing.

Tags: Talk  ✍ Author: Jamie Moyer

The way we're going... if I called up another pitcher, he'd just hang up the phone on me.

Tags: Another, Phone  ✍ Author: Frank Robinson

A pitcher has to look at the hitter as his mortal enemy.

Tags: Enemy, Mortal  ✍ Author: Early Wynn

A pitcher is only as good as his legs.

Tags: Good, Legs  ✍ Author: Early Wynn

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