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Science Fiction is not just about the future of space ships travelling to other planets, it is fiction based on science and I am using science as my basis for my fiction, but it's the science of prehistory - palaeontology and archaeology - rather than astronomy or physics.

Tags: Future, Rather, Science  ✍ Author: Jean M. Auel

If we turn to palaeontology to tell us about our biological evolution it is to prehistory that we look for evidence of the evolution of specifically human patterns of behaviour.

Tags: Human, Tell, Turn  ✍ Author: John Bates Clark

South Africa had a long record of studies in prehistory, going back to the end of the last century.

Tags: Africa, End, Last  ✍ Author: Louis Leakey

The trip I made to Angola to study the prehistoric contents of the gravel beds as a means of deciding the age of the deposits and their economic potential was the first time prehistory had ever been used for such a purpose.

Tags: Age, Study, Time  ✍ Author: Louis Leakey

Sadism is not an infectious disease that strikes a person all of a sudden. It has a long prehistory in childhood and always originates in the desperate fantasies of a child who is searching for a way out of a hopeless situation.

Tags: Child, Hopeless, Situation  ✍ Author: Alice Miller

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