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Radio Shows Quotes

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When Paul and I were first friends, starting in the sixth grade and seventh grade, we would sing a little together and we would make up radio shows and become disc jockeys on our home wire recorder. And then came rock and roll.

Tags: Home, Rock, Together  ✍ Author: Art Garfunkel

I have two syndicated radio shows though United Stations Radio Network.

Tags: Radio, Though, United  ✍ Author: Nina Blackwood

I always enjoyed writing. I did playlets in high school, I did radio shows in college. That's one of the reasons I went down to Second City, because you could do acting and writing.

Tags: Acting, School, Writing  ✍ Author: Dan Castellaneta

Postwar America was a very buttoned-up nation. Radio shows were run by censors, Presidents wore hats, ladies wore girdles. We came straight out of the blue - nobody was expecting anything like Martin and Lewis. A sexy guy and a monkey is how some people saw us.

Tags: America, Nation, Sexy  ✍ Author: Jerry Lewis

How many radio shows I did is lost to memory now; it's in the hundreds - maybe even close to being in the thousands - for the span of years from the time I was eight till I was about fifteen.

Tags: Lost, Memory, Time  ✍ Author: Mel Torme

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Radio Shows quote #2
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Radio Shows quote #2
Radio Shows quote #2
Radio Shows quote #2

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