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Art Garfunkel's Quotes

Art Garfunkel profile photo

Born: 1941-11-05
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Art Garfunkel

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After all these years, I'm finally into soccer. The World Cup is on, and my band is an international group - they're all around me, cheering in the hotel bars.

Tags: After, Band, Group

I'm the kind of person who can hear that stuff. If you sing along to the radio and you're not going to sing unison with the melody, but find the harmony, I find that pretty easy to do.

Tags: Easy, Pretty, Stuff

I did have a lucky thing going on there in my throat.

Tags: Lucky, Throat

I like working solo and it was a lot of fun joking around with the audience, saying things. I'm only just learning how to do certain things.

Tags: Fun, Learning, Saying

I teach well. I used to really like teaching a lot. I enjoyed it a lot and I was good at it.

Tags: Good, Teach, Used

Paul is a very creative artist but I'm more that thorough, meticulous, disciplined nut.

Tags: Artist, Creative, Thorough

Records became much cruder in the last 20 years. Let's put it that way.

Tags: Last, Put, Records

Records have images. There are wet records and dry records. And big records.

Tags: Big, Images, Records

I was a student at Columbia College, actually, in the Architecture school. Paul would drive in from Queens, showing me these new songs. I can't remember us working it out.

Tags: Remember, School, Working

I would start seeing, in just the sense I was saying now, the kind of record it was going to be and what the arrangement demands, and what my vocal part should be in the record. This was all emerging as the song was emerging.

Tags: Saying, Sense, Start

Paul has more, I think, of a feel for the stage. Whereas I have it more for the notes themselves. I love record making and mixing, arranging, producing. That I love. I love to make beautiful things, but I don't like to perform.

Tags: Beautiful, Love, Making

Paul's the writer. Yeah, I wrote a little of that stuff, but that's just technically true. In spirit, and in essence of the truth, it doesn't matter. So I don't know, maybe I'm being foolish for not being technical. Yeah, I wrote a certain portion of the things.

Tags: Matter, True, Truth

Rodgers and Hammerstein didn't mean anything to me. I just wanted to have a hit, I just wanted to be like those people on the radio. It was all of a case of the present tense with no projecting into the future, particularly.

Tags: Future, Mean, Wanted

So it's mix and match. Hold your line when you really feel something you're saying is wonderful and you really want to get this point across and prove it to your partner by just throwing it into the tape and letting it speak for itself.

Tags: Saying, Speak, Wonderful

We human beings are tuned such that we crave great melody and great lyrics. And if somebody writes a great song, it's timeless that we as humans are going to feel something for that and there's going to be a real appreciation.

Tags: Great, Human, Real

We'd go to the fraternity house. It was a good place to practice. But we really wanted the kids to overhear us. And whoever heard us would go nuts over it.

Tags: Good, Place, Wanted

When Paul and I were first friends, starting in the sixth grade and seventh grade, we would sing a little together and we would make up radio shows and become disc jockeys on our home wire recorder. And then came rock and roll.

Tags: Home, Rock, Together

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