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Rick Renzi's Quotes

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Born: 1958-06-11
Profession: Politician
Nation: American
Biography of Rick Renzi

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Home ownership is the cornerstone of a strong community.

Tags: Community, Home, Strong

I have a high regard for Native languages and the pivotal role they have played in our nation's history.

Tags: High, History, Nation

I represent more Native Americans than anyone else in Congress.

Tags: Anyone, Congress, Else

If oil companies were to invest their high profits into alternative fuel research it will help America move toward new forms of energy.

Tags: America, Energy, Help

The home ownership process for Native Americans has been hobbled by bureaucratic delays and regulations.

Tags: Home, Ownership, Process

Arizona faces unique healthcare challenges including uncompensated care for illegal immigrants, and the large number of Native Americans who live in remote and isolated areas of the state.

Tags: Care, State, Unique

Arizona's forest fires are not waiting for April, and neither will we. That is why I am pushing for stepped up deployment for Hot Shot wildfire crews in March rather than April, in order to better prepare for the expected fires in northern Arizona.

Tags: Rather, Waiting, Why

As hurricanes Katrina and Rita raged through the southeastern United States last summer, much of America's energy infrastructure based in the Gulf of Mexico was damaged or destroyed causing gas prices to soar.

Tags: America, Energy, Last

I believe there should be no arbitrary date set for withdrawal and yet no permanent, unending deployment. No cut and run, yet measured progress in helping a people who want to be free without an illusion of overnight success.

Tags: Free, Progress, Success

If we can produce more ethanol and bio-diesel to help fuel our vehicles, we will create jobs, boost local economies and produce cleaner burning fuels. This will keep dollars here at home where they can have a positive impact on our economy.

Tags: Help, Home, Positive

In recent years, the choice of drugs on these reservations and throughout my district has been methamphetamines. It has destroyed the rule of law among the reservation people. It is killing our tribal youth in this country.

Tags: Choice, Country, Law

It is common for rural hospitals and nursing homes to operate as a single unit in order to take advantage of savings related to cost-sharing of some services and staff.

Tags: Common, Order, Single

It is important that Congress works to promote home ownership in Indian Country. These federal housing funds and programs will help young Native American families to stay on tribal lands in order to live, work and raise a family.

Tags: Family, Home, Work

Last year, I twice voted against the Labor, HHS, and Education Appropriations bill because it did not adequately fund education in general, and Native American programs specifically.

Tags: American, Education, Last

Preparing to fight wild fires is only part of the solution, we must be more pro-active and prevent the fires before they start, or reduce their intensity by removing forest waste and fuel build up.

Tags: Fight, Start, Wild

Requiring military hospitals to perform elective abortions exposes the physicians, the nurses, the military personnel to move against their own personal convictions of life in many cases.

Tags: Against, Life, Personal

Typically, an historic site is considered by the National Park Service to contain a single historical feature, while generally a National Historic Park extends beyond single properties or buildings.

Tags: Service, Single, While

We must shift the energy policy debate in America with an increased focus on alternative and renewable fuels and Congress must pass meaningful alternative fuels and incentive programs to help move the U.S. away from dependence on foreign oil.

Tags: America, Focus, Help

We need only look to our Navajo Code Talkers during World War II to see the value that Native languages bring not only to their culture, but to the security of all Americans.

Tags: Culture, Value, War
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