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Ownership Quotes

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Creativity's about ownership.

Tags: Creativity  ✍ Author: Vanessa Mae

Reasonable regulations regarding the ownership of weapons are appropriate.

Tags: Reasonable, Weapons  ✍ Author: John Ashcroft

This galloping concentration in broadcast ownership is unhealthy.

Tags: Broadcast, Unhealthy  ✍ Author: Byron Dorgan

Many legitimate forms of ownership, mainly cooperative and communal, had not been used to any effective extent mainly because of the imposition of Stalinist restrictions.

Tags: Effective, Used  ✍ Author: Alexander Dubcek

I have been mislabeled as a big advocate of low-income home ownership over rental.

Tags: Big, Home  ✍ Author: Barney Frank

I don't look for much to come out of government ownership as long as we have Democrats and Republicans.

Tags: Democrats, Government  ✍ Author: Kin Hubbard

The quality of ownership is not what it was in yesteryear.

Tags: Quality  ✍ Author: Art Modell

The home ownership process for Native Americans has been hobbled by bureaucratic delays and regulations.

Tags: Home, Process  ✍ Author: Rick Renzi

I sold some shares, but on a net basis, significantly increased my ownership.

Tags: Basis, Shares  ✍ Author: Jeffrey Skilling

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