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Robert Kennedy Quotes

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Fortunately, President Kennedy and Robert Kennedy disagreed with the estimate and chose a course of action less ambitious and aggressive than recommended by their advisers.

Tags: Action, Less, President  ✍ Author: Alan Kay

The people I really most admire are Robert Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt. If you know someone, it is very hard to revere them.

Tags: Admire, Hard, Someone  ✍ Author: Ken Livingstone

Robert Kennedy was such an inspiring figure. His interest in politics seemed to come not from a desire for power, but from a need to help our society live up to its ideals.

Tags: Politics, Power, Society  ✍ Author: Elisabeth Shue

They can gas me, but I am famous. I have achieved in one day what it took Robert Kennedy all his life to do.

Tags: Famous, Life, Took  ✍ Author: Sirhan Sirhan

I think Democrats made a mistake running away from liberalism. Liberalism, uh, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John and Robert Kennedy - that's what the Democratic party ought to reach for.

Tags: Away, Mistake, Party  ✍ Author: Theodore C. Sorensen

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Robert Kennedy quote #2
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Robert Kennedy quote #2

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