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Rock Music Quotes

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I've made three studio albums and one live one with my brother. It's melodic singer-songwriter acoustic-rock music.

Tags: Brother, Music, Three  ✍ Author: Kevin Bacon

Every generation of rock musician will understand that we wouldn't be anywhere without the support of teenagers buying the records.

Tags: Rock, Support, Understand  ✍ Author: Roger Daltrey

The best rock musicians are the most exciting people in the world.

Tags: Best, Musicians, Rock  ✍ Author: James Daly

Good rock music always tends to be around.

Tags: Good, Music, Rock  ✍ Author: Dave Davies

In England, rock music very rarely infiltrates the charts, but country music even less so.

Tags: Country, Music, Rock  ✍ Author: Joe Elliott

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Rock Music quote #2
Rock Music quote #2
Rock Music quote #2
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