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Rokia Traore's Quotes

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Born: 1974-01-26
Profession: Musician
Nation: Malian
Biography of Rokia Traore

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A melody without the right rhythm hardly exists.

Tags: Exists, Melody, Rhythm

I loved music - listening and playing - but of course I could not imagine I would be a professional musician. It really happened step by step.

Tags: Loved, Music, Playing

Not what you would call a musical family, but my father used to play saxophone, and I discovered many genres of music when I was a child.

Tags: Family, Father, Music

We need self-confidence in our ability to build Africa. I trust in Mali and I trust in music.

Tags: Ability, Music, Trust

Going back and forth between Western Arabic and African countries clearly created the various musical backgrounds I could have and obviously influenced my professional attitude, my way of approaching both music composition and singing, particularly phrasing.

Tags: Attitude, Between, Music
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Rokia Traore's quote #2
Rokia Traore's quote #2
Rokia Traore's quote #2
Rokia Traore's quote #2
Rokia Traore's quote #2
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