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Romeo Santos's Quotes

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Born: 1981-07-01
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Romeo Santos

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I never think about any of my accomplishments and I always get butterflies in my stomach and I never get too comfortable with the status.

Tags: Status, Stomach

I really just compete against myself. I look at my previous material and try to surpass what I've done.

Tags: Against, Done, Try

I try to transmit emotion and soul in my voice, but my true passion has always been writing. I feel more like a writer than anything else.

Tags: Passion, True, Writing

I want to touch people's lives with my music and my lyrics.

Tags: Lives, Music, Touch

I've been able to perform in front of thousands of people on stage in a character that's nothing like me. I'm very shy.

Tags: Able, Character, Stage

My life is nothing like my videos. I'm definitely not walking around with lots of hot women, as I am in my videos.

Tags: Hot, Life, Women

I don't tweet very much. I still believe in the mystery of an artist. I believe in going out when I'm ready to sell my product. A lot of artists are out there every day. But I remember the Julio Iglesiases, the Jose Joses - and it was about the music.

Tags: Artist, Music, Remember

I want to try different things but, most importantly, always be true to my roots and keep it organic. I'm never going to leave bachata behind. I'm always going to be a bachatero first.

Tags: Keep, True, Try

It's really sad for me that in the United States the Latino community is losing its culture and language, especially among kids born here - a lot of them can't even speak our language.

Tags: Here, Sad, Speak

Part of my success with urban bachata is reinventing yourself as an artist and continuing to give people different kind of fusions, mixing up the elements and concepts without changing the beat.

Tags: Give, Success, Yourself
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