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Sanguine Quotes

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There is something essentially sanguine about me, which I am inclined to attribute to the fact that I was born by caesarean section. It must affect you.

Tags: Born, Fact, Section  ✍ Author: Simon Callow

I think the majority of the British people are still sanguine about the need for war.

Tags: British, Majority, War  ✍ Author: John Major

I had now arrived at my seventeenth year, and had attained my full height, a fraction over six feet. I was well endowed with youthful energy, and was of an extremely sanguine temperament.

Tags: Energy, Full, Year  ✍ Author: Henry Bessemer

They act as if they supposed that to be very sanguine about the general improvement of mankind is a virtue that relieves them from taking trouble about any improvement in particular.

Tags: Act, General, Trouble  ✍ Author: Christopher Morley

There is nothing can pay one for that invaluable ignorance which is the companion of youth, those sanguine groundless hopes, and that lively vanity which makes all the happiness of life.

Tags: Happiness, Ignorance, Life  ✍ Author: Mary Wortley

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