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Savings Accounts Quotes

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We designed both our state employee health plans and the one we created for low-income Hoosiers as Health Savings Accounts, and now in the tens of thousands these citizens are proving that they are fully capable of making smart, consumerist choices about their own health care.

Tags: Care, Health, Smart  ✍ Author: Mitch Daniels

How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.

Tags: Become, Rest, Wealthy  ✍ Author: Robert G. Allen

In economic panics throughout history, the wiping out of the savings accounts of lower earners and the middle class has often led to social revolution, sometimes violent upheavals.

Tags: History, Revolution, Sometimes  ✍ Author: Nick Clooney

President Roosevelt, the author of Social Security, was the first to suggest that, in order to provide for the country's retirement needs, Social Security would need to be supplemented by personal savings accounts.

Tags: Country, Personal, Social  ✍ Author: John Doolittle

Personal savings accounts to me are one of the most powerful things, not necessarily in saving, solvency, or bankruptcy of the program, but in guaranteeing, the words I used a few minutes ago, a safe and secure retirement for our seniors.

Tags: Personal, Powerful, Words  ✍ Author: Bill Frist

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Savings Accounts quote #2
Savings Accounts quote #2
Savings Accounts quote #2
Savings Accounts quote #2
Savings Accounts quote #2
Savings Accounts quote #2

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