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Saxby Chambliss's Quotes

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Born: 1943-11-10
Profession: Politician
Nation: American
Biography of Saxby Chambliss

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Let me be clear: There is no stronger advocate for civil liberties in the Senate than myself.

Tags: Civil, Clear, Stronger

But the thing we do know is whatever it costs to save and protect American lives in this conflict, we're going to spend.

Tags: American, Lives, Whatever

First of all, I don't think that America is truly prepared for a biological or a chemical attack. However, we are moving in the right direction.

Tags: America, Direction, Moving

First of all, war is a very, very difficult thing to deal with, even on the good days.

Tags: Difficult, Good, War

I never sought to privatize Social Security.

Tags: Security, Social, Sought

It's not the function of Congress to do criminal investigations.

Tags: Congress, Criminal, Function

People ought to have more control over their lives.

Tags: Control, Lives, Ought

Saddam Hussein has openly admitted to the rest of the world that he had weapons of mass destruction. He used those weapons to kill his own people.

Tags: Rest, Used, Weapons

The military code of justice sets out exactly what type of charges are available for specific acts.

Tags: Acts, Justice, Military

The security of the United States, which is so dependent on having accurate and timely intelligence, is not a Republican or a Democratic issue.

Tags: Republican, Security, United

When his nomination comes before the United States Senate, Timothy Batten can count on my strong support... He is the right person for the job.

Tags: Job, Strong, Support

I do think that people ought to have some control over their money, rather than the government, just mandating to them how they're going to invest their money.

Tags: Control, Government, Money

I think all members of Congress are very concerned about the fact that, while we want to see our law enforcement agencies have every means they can possibly have to combat terrorism, we've got to remember that we've had a Constitution in place for 225 years, and it has served us well.

Tags: Law, Place, Remember

I'm concerned about the cost, just like everybody else. There's no question that we have an obligation to help the people of Louisiana and Mississippi to rebuild.

Tags: Else, Help, Question

Intelligence is our first line of defense against terrorism, and we must improve the collection capabilities and analysis of intelligence to protect the security of the United States and its allies.

Tags: Against, Security, United

It's very difficult to tell someone how to protect themselves from a terrorist attack, whether it occurs in the U.S. or on foreign soil, particularly when you have terrorists with no concern for human life.

Tags: Human, Life, Someone

Japan's inexplicable lack of response to even consider a move to re-open their market to U.S. beef will sorely tempt economic trade action against Japan.

Tags: Action, Against, Move

The backbone of our nation's domestic defense against terrorist attacks will continue to be the men and women in local law enforcement and emergency services.

Tags: Law, Men, Women

The truth is our country, our people, our liberties, and our way of life are under attack by radical Islamic terrorists who kill and destroy in the name of religion.

Tags: Life, Religion, Truth
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